Ongoing projects

Economists in courts

Expertise under pressure: Economics (labor, agglomeration, gender) and policy since the 1970’s

Historical perspectives on Race and Gender in economics in the 20th century

A history of wages




Sentiment and Prejudice: Francis Ysidro Edgeworth on Wage Determination / with A. L. Cot / History of Political Economy / 2021

Milton Friedman’s Provocative ‘Capitalism and the Jews’ in Context, 1972-1988 / with N. Vallois / History of Political Economy / 2021

Economists Entered the `Number Games’. The Early Reception of Wage Decomposition Methods in the U.S. Courtrooms, 1971-1989 / Journal of the History of Economic Thought / 2020

From Warfare to Welfare”: Contextualizing Arrow’s and Schelling’s Models of Racial Inequalities at RAND, 1968-1972 / with L. Larrouy / European Journal of the History of Economic Thought / 2017

L’économie des discriminations : conquête impérialiste ou contribution à la théorie des prix? / OEconomia, History, Methodology, Philosophy / 2013


‘Out in the Open’ Controversy: Economists’ Perspectives on the First Gender Reckoning in Economics / with Béatrice Cherrier & John Singleton / in Shelly Lundberg (ed.), Women in Economics, CEPR Press / 2020

Quantifier les inégalités entre données d’enquête et données expérimentales: l’évolution du rôle du chercheur dans la construction de la variable “race” / with Léontine Goldzahl and Charlotte Levionnois / in A. Gramain, & L. Feller (eds.), L’évidence et l’invisible: questions de méthodes en histoire et en économie, Paris: Sorbonne University Press / working paper / 2020

Is Equal Pay Worth It? Beatrice Potter Webb, Millicent Garrett Fawcett and Eleanor Rathbone’s Changing Arguments / In K. Madden and R. Dimand (eds.) / Handbook of the History of Women’s Economic Thought / 2019

Crossing Boundaries, Displacing Previous Knowledge and Claiming Superiority: Is the Economics of Discrimination a Conquest of Economics Imperialism? / in U. Mäki, M. Fernàndez-Pinto, and A. Walsh (eds.), Scientific Imperialism: Exploring the Boundaries of Interdisciplinarity, London: Routledge / 2018


‘Economics is Not a Men’s Field’: A History of the American Economic Association’s Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession / with Béatrice Cherrier & John Singleton / working paper / two related blogposts are available here and here / research mentionned in The Economist / 2020

A History of Wages / with François Allisson / a blogpost on the project is available here

Reviews & essays

[Introduction] Margaret W. Rossiter et l’histoire des femmes scientifiques américaines / with Béatrice Cherrier / Zilsel / 2021

[Book review] Giandomenica Becchio, A History of Feminist and Gender Economics / Forthcoming in Journal of the History of Economic Thought / 2021

[Essay] Race in the History of Economics: The Missing Narratives? A Review Essay on Thomas Leonard’s Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics & American Economics in the Progressive Era / Œconomia: History| Methodology| Philosophy / 2020

[Book review] Antoine Missemer, Les économistes et la fin des énergies fossiles (1865–1931) / with Guillaume Noblet / The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought / 2019

[Survey] New Scope, New Sources, New Methods? An Essay on Contemporary Scholarship in History of Economic Thought Journals, 2016-2017 / with Catherine Herfeld and Erich Pinzón-Fuchs / CHOPE Working paper 2018-07 / History of Economic Ideas / 2019

[Book review] Gilbert Facarello, Heinz D. Kurz (eds.), Handbook on the History of Economic Analysis, 3 Volumes / with Harro Maas / The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought / 2018

[Book review] Patricia Fara, A Lab of One’s Own: Science and Suffrage in the First World War. LSE Review of Books / 2018

[Book review] Paul Erickson, Judy L. Klein, Lorraine Daston, Rebecca Lemov, Thomas Sturm, and Michael D. Gordin, How Reason Almost Lost Its Mind. The Strange Career of Cold War Rationality / Revue européenne des sciences sociales / 2016

[Book review] Michel Armatte, La science économique comme ingénierie, Quantification et modélisation / Œconomia: History| Methodology| Philosophy  / 2011