Welcome to my site! I work on the history of discriminations & wages, economic expertise & quantification. My main line of research is to describe how economics and economists qualify and separate inequalities into legitimate differences and unfair discriminations, how this distinction evolved since the end of the 19th century, and what are the consequences of this knowledge on real life.

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at CRASSH (University of Cambridge), part of  the Expertise under Pressure project, and a fellow of Fitzwilliam College. I am also an associate member of the Centre Walras-Pareto, a member of the REhPERE team and of the HISRECO committee. Since 2019, I am a co-convenor of The Politics of Economics seminar series at CRASSH.

Here is my CV_English_Feb2021 (CV_Francais_Feb2021) and my institutional webpage. I post my working papers & pre-prints on OSF (and sometimes on SSRN).

I tweet @CleoCZ

You can contact me at cc2006[at]cam.ac.uk

[Picture’s source : Marine bull, furniture’s applique. Roman period. Volubilis, Maroc. Bronze, hollow casting. Musée archéologique de Rabat.]