Welcome to my site! I am an historian of economics working mainly on the history of discrimination. I am a Postdoc at CRASSH (Cambridge University) where I work on the project *expertise under pressure* (starting in March 2019).

I am also an associate member of the Centre Walras-Pareto, a member of the REhPERE team and of the HISRECO organising committee. 

I am a managing editor for Œconomia: History| Methodology| Philosophy.

Here is my CV (last update June 2019) and my institutional webpage. I post my pre-prints on OSF. I tweet @CleoCZ

You can contact me at cc2006[at]cam.ac.uk



[Picture’s source : Marine bull, furniture’s applique. Roman period. Volubilis, Maroc. Bronze, hollow casting. Musée archéologique de Rabat.]